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On Dylan LeBlanc's debut album, Paupers Field, a lost world is
brought to life - both in the carefully sculpted songs and rich well of
country soul from which those songs emerge. Rough Trade is
excited to release Dylan’s album on August 24th, 2010.

Although the Golden era of Alabama's fabled Muscle Shoals sound
had passed by the time Dylan was born in 1990, his ancestral roots
and family background connected him to one of the most significant
sources in the rich tapestry of American music. His father's position
as a Muscle Shoals session player and songwriter meant that early
in life Dylan was privy to the sights and sounds of an unvarnished,
vanishing epoch and such legends as Spooner Oldham. "I grew up
around a lot of the session players…when I was 11 or 12, I would
watch and ask a lot of questions, so for me it was like going to
music college," is how the tall, gentle voiced, lank haired
Shreveport, Louisiana native remembers it. "It seemed like a much
simpler world - it was romantic to me the way everyone sat in a
circle and “took it from the top”. They just played and hit the record
button. That’s the path I followed when I made this album."
Dylan LeBlanc
Ben Cyllus’ independently released debut “Cinnamon Matinee” was
recorded in Detroit at the famed White Room Studios, known for its
organic vibe and vintage gear.  The result is a collection of songs
that is immediately enticing and exudes a charming, casual
confidence.  Elegant and powerful arrangements are brought to life
with solid grooves, deftly layered instrumentation and lyrics that
take seemingly common phrases and turn them on end, providing a
new range of perspectives.

Miles of Music proclaims “With hushed beauty, Cyllus let’s free
soothingly mellow, yet active and moving melodies that at times
sounds like a light hearted Ryan Adams on a pop binge.  His strong
melodies find their depth in his smart lyrics and un-garishly hip
vocal appeal”.
Ben Cyllus
Danny Flowers
Danny Flowers may be best known for having penned classic hits
for other artists, but as a solo artist his bluesy blend of raw
emotion combined with a heartfelt yearning will speak to your very
soul. Danny’s instrumentality has also earned him a high level of
notoriety in the industry.  

Eric Clapton said, “I think this [music] is tremendous.  I consider
Danny a good friend and a great musician in the truest, old school
country-rock style.  There is just not enough of this kind of stuff
around any more.”

Flowers’ writing credits span several genres and his flexibility as a
guitarist and wordsmith is well-known. He penned “Tulsa Time” for
Eric Clapton, which Don Williams also cut.  Williams then had hits
with “Back In My Younger Days,” “Senorita,” and “To Be Your Man.”  
Emmylou Harris recorded “Before Believing” as the title cut for her
Pieces Of The Sky album. “Gulf Coast Highway” was recorded by
Emmylou and Willie Nelson as well as by Nanci Griffith and
Evangeline.  The list goes on.

With all this under his belt, Flowers still manages to maintain the
poise and humility of a Zen master while tossing off riffs with
incredible taste and feeling reminiscent of Ry Cooder’s gospel-like
grooves with the slide guitar virtuosity and delicate upper-register
vocal vibratos of David Lindley.
Sweethearts of the Rodeo
In the spring of 1986, the Sweethearts Of The Rodeo took country
music by storm. Although the Sweethearts, sisters Janis Oliver and
Kristine Arnold, had paid nearly 20 years of dues for their
"overnight" success, when it finally hit, it was, as Janis recalls, "like
a jet airplane taking off, with us just hanging onto the wings for
dear life."

With their first two albums spawning seven consecutive Top 10
hits, the Sweethearts filled country airwaves for the most of the
latter 80's and early 90’s with classics like "Midnight Girl/Sunset
Town," "Chains of Gold," "Satisfy You" and "Blue To The Bone."
John Starling and Carolina Star
John Starling and Carolina Star create the kind of music that has
critics raving, fans cheering and other musicians shaking their
heads in amazement. They’ve been doing it for over thirty years,
but if the name doesn’t have the immediate cache befitting these
acoustic music legends, it’s because Carolina Star is the newest
incarnation of a musical partnership that stretches back more then
30 years. That’s when Starling (guitar, vocals), Mike Auldridge
(dobro, vocals) and Tom Gray (bass vocals) first began playing
together. Back then they went by the name Seldom Scene and
their stunning musicianship and Starling’s soulful, emotive vocals,
helped the band became one of the most influential acoustic
groups of the 1970s. Their seminal work from that period influenced
a whole generation of musicians including Emmylou Harris and Ricky